What if Santa was a woman?

Santa, or Father Christmas; An older, white haired, long bearded, fat man in a bright red suit. He’s got reindeer guiding his sleigh and elves back in the workshop making the toys. We appreciate this question defies a sacred myth but what if Santa was a she?

What if Santa was actually a woman? Mother Christmas? Would Christmas be better?

Christmas is probably the biggest event of the year right?! It’s warm and magical, it’s nurturing and most importantly of all, it’s organised!!

It sounds more like the work of a woman to us, but what do you think? 


the presents

Perfectly selected, age appropriate and exactly what each child wanted. Gone would be the stereotypical gendered toys – boys wanting dolls would get them, they’re not just for little girls! “STEM” gifts for girls too – she’d want to encourage the future female scientists of the world after all.
She wouldn’t accept corporate bribes – non branded and second hand would be totally acceptable. Teaching the children about the value of ethical and sustainable shopping.
She’d make sure every child had small gifts, so no child could ever think Santa liked their friends better than them because they’d had more expensive gifts left for them.
There wouldn’t be a good list and a naughty list – Santa would see the childhood innocence in every child. No coal in sight. 
They’d all be chosen, made, wrapped and tagged before the end of November. Absolutely no leaving it until the last minute here!

the outfit

Stylish yet practical, with a matching sack filled with presents.

Never the same outfit twice, no woman wants to be seen wearing the same thing to every Christmas party. 

She’d be shamed for her weight if she was overweight like her male equivalent. But she’s got the sass to let those comments slide. 

Question! … How many men do you know who would voluntarily and willingly wear red velvet?!



The reindeer pulling the sleigh would be acknowledged for being the fabulous female leaders they are. You know reindeers with antlers are actually female, right? They’d get the credit they deserve – not just Rudolph! The sleigh would be comfortable, super efficient, high tech but carbon neutral and eco-friendly. Fully equipped with ISO Fix for those occasions when there’s absolutely no one around to take care of Baby Santa; despite the fact that it clearly says on the calendar “DECEMBER 25th WORKING” 

networking events are relaxed, welcoming and build connections



The elves would all receive equal pay because Mother Christmas understands how demoralising the gender pay gap can feel. She’d make sure everyone felt valued and had excellent working conditions.

No climbing down chimneys, getting dirty or stuck. Health and Safety first! No forced entry – technically that’s illegal and definitely not her style. A magic key allowing instant, discrete entry and exit, and she won’t lose this one at the bottom of her handbag!

Safeguarding would be a priority, as a lone female worker she’d make sure everyone knew where she was and when to expect her home. She’d keep in touch so nobody worried.

What else would

she do?


She’d make sure there was plenty of food in for her family whilst she works her night shift. She’d probably wash up after every glass of milk and mince pie! She’d send reminders to parents about getting those Christmas lists written and posted. 

Most of us have experienced mansplaining at least once or twice, so its pretty likely a female Santa would be faced with it at some point. Maybe some elf-splaining? Not helpful at all! Imagine if the sleigh broke down? Chances are the mechanics would end up talking to her husband instead of her!

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Surely she wouldn’t wear the same outfit year in year out would she?

– Centenary Lounge

Probably do it all more efficiently and not make half as much fuss about it either

– A.A. Greyling

Well if {Santa was a woman} she wouldn’t leave it until the night before the big event to get all those presents sorted!

– Kirstie Trobe

I’m pretty sure she is…..how else can you explain the delivery of all the gifts, age appropriate, wrapped and tagged beautifully with your families names in time for Christmas Day morning?

– Rebecca Fall-Taylor

So could santa be a woman?

We hate a stereotype generally but it has to be said that the majority of women in most households take charge of Christmas. They organise the decorations, buy the advent calendars, they order the food, they buy and wrap all the presents, they cook all of the food and they clean everything up! So, we ask you? Why oh why is a man getting all the credit?!

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With gratitude,
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