Guest Blog: Nicole Allison, CEO Worcester City Women’s Football Club

Empowering the Future: Women’s Football in England

Over the past few decades, women’s football in England has experienced remarkable growth and progress. From increased visibility and participation to the development of professional leagues, the sport has gained significant momentum. However, the true potential of women’s football lies in its ability to inspire and empower younger generations. In this blog, we explore the future of women’s football in England and highlight the pressing need for more support for the budding talent within the sport.

Rapid Growth and Rising Success


Women’s football in England has witnessed a surge in popularity and recognition in recent years. The success of the national team, the Lionesses, has played a pivotal role in transforming public perception and generating interest at all levels. The team’s performance in major tournaments, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019 and the UEFA Women’s Euro last summer, has captivated the nation and fostered a new generation of football enthusiasts.


Moreover, the establishment of the FA Women’s Super League (FA WSL) as a fully professional league in 2018/19 has been a significant milestone. It has provided talented players with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a bigger stage and has attracted world-class talent from across the globe. As a result, the quality of the product has improved, captivating larger audiences and creating role models for young girls aspiring to pursue a career in the sport.


Photo of 4 people standing in a window above a Worcester warriors sign
Photo of Worceter city Women's football team players on match day

The Need for Youth Support

While progress has been made, it is crucial to invest in the development and support of the younger generation to ensure the sustainable growth of women’s football across the whole country. Here are some key areas that require attention: 

Grassroots Development: Building a strong foundation starts with investing in grassroots football. It is essential to provide young girls with access to quality coaching, facilities, and opportunities to participate in competitive leagues. This will nurture talent, enhance skills, and increase the overall standard of the game.

Encouraging Participation: Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is vital to encouraging more girls to take up football. Initiatives like after-school programs, community outreach, and promotional campaigns can help break down gender stereotypes and empower girls to participate in the sport.

Education, Dual Career and Pathways: Equal access for girls and boys to participate in sports at school. It sounds basic, but only 67% of schools in England offer this and 41% of secondary schools offer sports equally to girls in PE lessons. The establishment of scholarship programs and clear pathways to progress through the ranks is crucial for young players with potential. Scholarships can provide financial support and allow talented individuals to combine their education with football training, ensuring their holistic development.

Media Coverage and Exposure: Increased media coverage and exposure for women’s football are vital to inspire and engage young girls. Broadcasting more matches, featuring players in advertisements and endorsements, and creating engaging content will help raise awareness and capture the attention of the younger demographic.

Sponsorship and Investment: Encouraging corporate sponsorships and investments in women’s football will provide the necessary resources for infrastructure development, coaching programs, and talent scouting. Long-term partnerships can ensure the sustained growth of the sport and provide stability for aspiring young players.




The Power of ROle Models


In this digital age, the influence of role models cannot be understated. Visibility and representation of successful female footballers can inspire young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. It is essential to celebrate and amplify the achievements of female footballers across various platforms, showcasing their dedication, talent, and determination. 

Lots of female football players and girls as their mascots, the team captain is high fiving one of the girls
worcester women football players hugging and celebrating a goal with the sunlight directly on them

Worcester City Women Football Club

Worcester City Women FC’s vision is to become one of the UK’s leading independent women’s football clubs with a strong association to the community. And they’re moving forward with purpose. WCWFC’s strategy focuses on the five areas mentioned here, to ensure development for the local community and create a talent pathway for young girls. Through the partnership with Women Who Worcestershire, WCWFC is running the fun football sessions, where kids get to learn new skills and meet some of the WCWFC players.



The future of women’s football in England holds immense promise, with the potential to revolutionise the sport and empower generations to come. However, to truly harness this potential, we must prioritise the support and development of young girls interested in the sport. By investing in grassroots initiatives and clubs, encouraging participation, increasing media coverage, and fostering corporate partnerships, we can create an environment that empowers young girls to dream big, break barriers, and achieve greatness in the world of football.

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