International Women’s Day 2023


It is 2023 in the UK…
Only 63% of girls are able to play football during their PE lessons
29% of small businesses are owned by women
7% of small businesses are owned by an individual within an Ethnic Minority Group
49% of people report feeling lonely sometimes or often
1 in 3 people feel they are discriminated based on their disability


4 Worcestershire businesses are undertaking events to shine a light on the theme #EmbraceEquity for International Women’s day in a bid to challenge these statistics and many more, make sure to check the calendar events below to get involved.
“We believe that International Women’s Day is an opportunity to shine a light on equity as a whole, and to celebrate the opportunity to build others up and support them.”

Worcester City Women’s Football Club

On 31st July 2022, England became European Champions for the first time in history.
As a vehicle for empowerment, leadership, and advancing gender equality, football is an excellent tool for women and girls. Last summer, the Lionesses proved it. Worcester City Women FC (WCWFC) is a purpose-driven football club committed to leveraging the power of football for social good. In 2021 the women’s club was formed as a new, separate entity to allow the club to develop a bespoke, sustainable strategy that will leave a lasting legacy on the City of Worcester.
International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important day for clubs like WCWFC to raise awareness and educate others about #EmbraceEquity. Throughout the 7th and 8th March WCWFC staff and players will be going to schools to talk about their journey in football and support the FA’s ambition to give all girls equal access to play football in school by 2024. 


Real World Consultancy

 Our aim as a provider of small business coaching is to always be approachable, accessible and fair in order to support business owners to build the business they want, in a way they want it. Our aim is to ensure everyone feels included, and our focus for IWD is to focus on what it means to be included.

Follow our social media to follow our campaign from 6th-10th where we will showcase one short video each day talking to people who we greatly admire locally who have at times felt excluded, and how we as a community can change that. We are then welcoming everyone to join us for a coffee morning at our HQ in Worcester to chat to others, enjoy some cake and a cuppa, and fundraise for Worcester City Women FC.

the kiln logo in orange and blue

The Kiln

The Kiln is a co-working space in Worcester, providing an affordable workspace for Worcester’s remote workers and thriving small business community. They have a strong sense of community and are focused on reducing isolation through connection.

To provide an opportunity to connect with others, The Kiln are hosting a female led event, Female Hustlers, open to all to attend for £10, 6-8pm on 8th March. There will be a collection of artists from the artery speaking out about what it means to be included.


Women Who, Worcestershire

Women Who, Worcestershire supports female business owners across the county, providing a safe space for members to network online and in person. In their mission to fully #EmbraceEquity they will be exploring and celebrating all things diverse, inclusive, and equitable. Across the week they will be sharing a series of podcast episodes and blog posts from local business owners exploring topics of race, disability, faith & belief, and LGBTQ+ challenges in business.

On the 8th March they will be hosting a free entry business community event at The Granary, Worcester between 10am and 3.30pm. With over 30 exhibitors they are celebrating the range of businesses run by women throughout Worcestershire. The event will also feature 4 guest speakers: Fiona & Matt Lock discussing gender bias as business owners, Sarah McDowell sharing insights on how to be an LGBTQ+ ally in your marketing, Sukhmani Pantal sharing her cross-cultural journey from Delhi to Malvern and Patsy Holbrook discussing the benefits of recruiting a neurodiverse workforce.

Creating opportunities through networking, events and peer support  for female business owners and company directors in Worcestershire.

Surround yourself with a positive, supportive and inspiring network.

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