Guest Blog: TIEM Design – Do I really need a website for my business?

Yes, and here’s why…..


In a digital age, the way we shop has been evolving with huge changes over the last two years due to the global pandemic. Our businesses need to adapt to thrive and the way that we use a website needs to develop to maximise our investment in our digital presence.

Many businesses have used their websites as a ’shop front’, using a builder to make their own site and save their pennies while creating a digital space for their shop to be seen online. However, with the increasing use of the internet for people to choose where they shop, websites have become so much more than just a place to showcase your logo, your team and provide your contact details.

Your website should work for you and be as valued as an employee.

customers expect a website for many reasons

Your website is in a constant state of monitoring by search engines. It is vital that you keep your website updated with fresh content and that you are using your website to its maximum capacity to keep shouting to search engines and make sure your ranking is either improving or maintained.

Your digital business card is your website, your point of contact and the first impression you give to your potential clients. It is a place to explain, to educate and to prove the value of your product or services and to demonstrate your identity, goals, and aspirations.

social presence & credibility

Your site is a place to showcase testimonials and allow your existing or past clients to share their experience of your product or services. These social recommendations are key in an era of fading social media reach- especially for small businesses.

This kind of credibility is an essential element of building up trust in potential clients, proving that you are who you say you are and that you do what you say you do. The way your website is designed and built speaks to your client so ensuring quality design and functionality builds into the impression of your company.

Narrative of brand voice and image

Through your branding, both through tone of voice in written content and design in imagery, you can express your company’s identity. Why do you do what you do? Why should a client use you instead of a competitor? New businesses, small businesses and businesses entering crowded marketplaces need to show their personality and connect on an authentic level. Customers are looking at who you are as well as what you sell, and a website is a key ingredient to giving this information to your potential new customers.

Expand working hours (without working!)

If you are selling products on an e-commerce site, this immediately provides you with the added benefit of maximising your selling by increasing the working hours. 24-hour access gives clients 100% access to your product while managing your work life balance and the mental wellbeing of your staff.


networking events are relaxed, welcoming and build connections

SEO as a cost-effective marketing strategy

Understanding the value a website brings to your business also brings you into the world of SEO. An ever-evolving picture of how to maximise your website’s impact through Search Engine Optimisation, it is an element of websites and online digital marketing that business owners need support with.

Once understood, investing in your website and your SEO will have measurable impact on your digital presence and will bring a never-ending list of possibilities to your services or product.


Working with Women Who, Worcestershire

We are proud to be sponsoring Women Who, Worcestershire this year after designing and building their brand new website. We love working to provide a support network to female business owners in our local area.

It has been fascinating to learn how many female business leaders there are across a huge range of business sectors in our local area. The connection of this network of women business leaders demonstrates the power in connection, collaboration and celebration of our success, especially in the challenging context of the pandemic.

The team behind Women Who, Worcestershire are incredibly hardworking and responsive to the needs of the people they are connecting with, finding ways to enable links and opportunities.

ur FREE online networking group is where connections are made on a daily basis.

An example of a website that works

The Women Who, Worcestershire Website ‘connects the dots’ of the points highlighted by this blog. Each of these elements have combined to bring together a directory that connects female run businesses in Worcestershire. Anyone can view the website, even without being a member and the more people who sign up, share and join supports the search engine optimization (SEO) of this network and all of the businesses that are members.

The directory offers listings for your business and therefore supports your search engine optimization (SEO) and your chances of ‘getting found’ through your online presence.

How can we help?

The team at TIEM Design are proud to support businesses in growing their reach through high quality brand identity, website design and functionality and using search engine optimization (SEO) to maximise your marketing budget. TIEM Design are a digital marketing agency aiming to bring high quality marketing to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer payment plans to make this happen.

Reach out to us for a free conversation around your specific needs or any area of digital marketing areas you’d like to discuss at and find out how we work in collaboration to unlock your digital marketing potential.

Creating opportunities through networking, events and peer support  for female business owners and company directors in Worcestershire.

Surround yourself with a positive, supportive and inspiring network.

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