The Women Who, Worcestershire Relaunch

On Friday 10 September Women Who, Worcestershire got together for the first time in 19 months!

We promised to share BIG NEWS with everyone who came along in person, and it was great to see so many people there in person, excited to be meeting in person again.

our big news

We launched our new look for Women Who, Worcestershire together with a brand new website that is designed to benefit the Women Who, Worcestershire community.

For those of you who don’t know the history behind Women Who, Worcestershire …

In February 2019 we set up a small networking group, Women Who, Worcestershire. We had no idea it would become the popular and busy network that it is today. In the last 2 ½ years we have really got to know our members and it’s given us the opportunity to think about the future of Women Who, Worcestershire and how best we can continue to support them.  


Originally the WWW brand was green and blue, the colours of Worcestershire but we’ve ditched the green and gone with lots of gorgeous blues depicting the feel of ‘the skys the limit’ – it sits well with our ethos and the way we feel about women in business. We have no limitations, and believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. We’ve already watched so many of your business grow and develop and we are so excited to see what you all achieve next.

our new website

We were so excited to share our shiny new website with our members; a website that not only works for us but works for every single member too. Emily from Tiem Design has designed and built a website for us that is informative, supportive and user friendly. The website allows us to keep members fully up to date with latest news and events, and also gives members an even bigger platform to advertise their businesses.

The directory

The website has a built in Directory that only Women Who, Worcestershire members can sign up to but there are no restrictions as to who can access the Directory which means not only can fellow members find business contacts on there, it can also be accessed by the general public within and outside of Worcestershire. The audience potential is pretty huge!



The Directory will be advertised across all of our socials including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and will be shared with anyone on social who is looking for recommendations. The public go to social time and time again looking for recommendations and by sharing our website link with those individuals, not only gets our listed members in front of them, it also allows us to be seen by other commentors and browsers.

sign up

There is an annual cost to subscribing to our Database. A one off payment of £60 which works out at £5 a month. We have kept the price low to enable as many businesses as possible to access this great means of advertising. Your £60 will get you 12 months of advertising featuring an attractive advert of your business including your logo, business description and as many links as you wish to add so our website users can easily find you.

We have added a search area and categorised businesses to make searching our Database quick and easy. The website has a wonderfully friendly and approachable feel to it which we think completely represents our Women Who, Worcestershire, community. We are committed to supporting Worcestershire’s women in business and we hope this opportunity benefits you all.

We want to become the absolute go to website for Worcestershire’s finest businesses.

networking events are relaxed, welcoming and build connections


We’re also launching sponsorship opportunities for members.

Sponsorship funding will allow us to better support your needs. We will be able to host bigger events, advertise more widely and look to connect with bigger local organisations who we can bring in to offer the best advice for your business.

The funding will also help support us in hosting bigger fundraising events so that we can continue to give back to so many of our local charities. Email us to find out more.


With the added push towards marketing Women Who, Worcestershire we feel it’s really important to highlight the issues of safeguarding. We are making a pretty big deal out of promoting women in business and, as a precaution, we want to offer members the right support. The world is full of funny characters and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Last year a member came to us after a fellow member had referred an unpleasant client to them. Luckily nothing untoward happened this time.

We can’t be held responsible for those instances but we do feel that we have a responsibility to keep members aware of the importance of safeguarding yourselves. So we’ll be working alongside other organisations to bring you the best possible safeguarding advice.

On Friday 12 November we have invited Louise from the Worcestershire Safeguarding Team at WCC together with a West Mercia female officer to chat to members about all things safeguarding.



Is it too early to talk about our plans for Christmas?

Rounding off our fundraising for this year – We will be hosting a Christmas Party at Ravenmeadow. We will have local DJ, Talia K on the decks, and an auction to help top up our fundraising pot.  It will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to say a massive thank you to all the members who have been involved with our fundraising events this year and helped us raise lots of money!




We’re excited for the future of Women Who, Worcestershire. Expect to see more opportunities for collaboration, voting for our charity of the year for 2022, the Women Who, Worcestershire Awards, evening webinars and much more!


Women Who, Worcestershire will always be FREE to join. Our networking meetings will remain FREE to attend, with the exception of special events which will be ticketed. We want to make sure Women Who, Worcestershire stays the accessible network we always designed it to be, wherever you are in your business development journey.

Joining the network

If you haven’t already joined us, head over to join our online networking group – click here to visit the group and join. 

Get to know other members in the online group, then come and join us at a face to face event so you can meet everyone in person. We’d love to have you join us.

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